Leading the way

NTV is the leading Bangladeshi TV channel. NTV has been broadcasting almost all around the world. NTV has made a significant impact on viewers with high quality and diverse range of programmes. NTV has been broadcasting in the UK and Europe since 2012.

NTV’s programs are designed to cater for every culture, age group, religion and gender. NTV has been awarded many times for its contributions for the UK society. Among many accolades, NTV has received The Asian viewers Television Award (AVTA).

NTV has initiated and championed many programs and events in Bangladesh and in the UK including Close Up One, Cooking Queen, Business Friends of NTV, NTV Community Cricket Cup and many more.

We have dedicated workforce in Bangladesh, UK, Australia, USA, Middle East and Thailand. Our Europe head office is based in the heart of East London which is very easily accessible by the Asian community. NTV Europe has dedicated correspondents in the UK and across all countries in Europe covering major cities and towns.


Our programs aspiration is to achieve the needs of the Bangladeshi community worldwide. NTV Europe means caring for Bangladeshi community worldwide.

NTV partners with different organizations such as local councils, British Government and European council and so on to promote community cohesion, social integration and democratic transparency.             

NTV has been promoting the Asian culture across the UK and Europe. It has also been working to promote youngsters through talk-shows, events and news.

The vision of NTV is to become the leader in entertainment & news for the Bangladeshi community worldwide.